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Top 10 Wedding Live Bands in Singapore (2024 Updated!)

Updated: Jun 6

Best live bands for weddings in Singapore

Hiring a live band for your wedding is a new idea in Singapore. While entertainment and engagement during a wedding used to be less critical in older generations, hiring a wedding live band has steadily grown in popularity with younger couples. 

Even though it might be an extra cost, many young couples have realised that creating a memorable event is just as important as the traditional rituals. Setting a mood and atmosphere with a live band is an effective method of achieving that goal. Having a wedding live band is much more engaging than playing recorded music, as live musicians can interact with the crowd and take requests.

Before we list the top 10 wedding live bands in Singapore, let's explore the pros of hiring a live band for your special day. 

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Why should you hire a live band for your wedding?

Rush Hour at a wedding as the live band

Image by: Musical Touch

There are many reasons to have a live band for your wedding; however, here are five of our favourites:

  • Creates a memorable experience

  • It gives you flexibility in the choice of music

  • Provides interaction and engagement

  • Allows seamless transitions and atmosphere control

  • Creates an energetic environment

1. Creates a memorable experience

We can all remember our favourite concert experience; whether it is a big stadium event headlined by a superstar or a quiet show at a bar with your favourite local band, live music can create memorable experiences. A live band can have that same effect on your wedding. Picture yourself having your first dance with a song playing from Spotify versus live musicians in your wedding ballroom. You can tell there's a big difference even just thinking about it. Dancing to a live wedding band makes a much bigger impression than dancing to a recorded track.

2. Flexibility in music

Most professional musicians and wedding live bands are skilled in different genres of music. In Singapore, it's common for a live band to switch from classic jazz to Mandopop instantly. This versatility can be very beneficial in a live setting as the musicians can observe how the crowd reacts to certain styles of music and adjust accordingly. This ability to be flexible also allows live bands to adapt to different themes and atmospheres. For example, the couple might prefer slower ballads during the dinner reception but may require high-energy party music for the afterparty. 

Regardless of your musical requirements, a professional wedding live band can accommodate your requests. 

3. Interaction and engagement

Despite Spotify's best attempts at releasing new features like their “DJ” mode, the app will never be as interactive and engaging as a live band. With a live band, the musicians can speak with the audience in between songs to increase engagement. It is expected to see singers double up as wedding emcees, too. 

Another interactive aspect of a live band is the ability to take song requests. Everybody has that one uncle who has to hear Eric Clapton's “Wonderful Tonight." Occasionally, one uncle might even want to come up to sing with the band. 

It's common for the audience to sing and dance to well-known songs. I remember seeing a crowd singing and dancing to Frankie Valli's "Can't Take My Eyes Off You” at my last wedding. 

4. Seamless transitions and atmosphere control

Have you ever been to an event filled with awkward silences? Those moments can often bring the energy of a moment down. The occasional silence is easy to ignore, but too many of those silences in a row can make an event feel unprofessional and haphazard. With a live band at your wedding, many unplanned silences can be easily filled with music. For example, interludes between speeches can be filled with walk-out music, making it feel more like a late-night television show rather than a wedding. 

Music can also enhance emotional moments during speeches. For example, a pianist can accompany a speaker and play softer during calmer moments and louder during exciting parts. The right chord at the right moment can also have a great emotional impact on a speech. Certain chords can bring forth sadder emotions, while others sound happier. Used correctly, this can be a powerful tool for creating an atmosphere during speeches. 

5. Creating energetic moments

Besides having a live band during the wedding reception, it's also common to have a live band perform at the afterparty. Without a doubt, the afterparty must be high-energy and fast-paced, and nothing beats having a live band play high-energy, crowd-favourite songs that are easy to sing. As long as the setlist is well-planned, you can be sure that your guests will be dancing away throughout the entire set. 


Top 10 Wedding Live Bands in Singapore

We've discussed some popular reasons to hire a live band for your wedding; now, let's check out 10 of Singapore's top wedding live bands. 

1. Musical Touch

Musical Touch banner at a wedding during a pop orchestra performance

Image by: Musical Touch

live band for wedding orchestra Musical Touch

First up, we have a company called Musical Touch. While the company isn't a “band” in the traditional sense, Musical Touch comprises a team of carefully curated musicians and emcees. Everyone has at least a decade of stage experience, and different combinations of musicians can be selected to fit your needs. They offer musical duos, trios, full bands, and even Singapore's first POP! Orchestra

Since its launch in 2012, Musical Touch has performed for thousands of events. It has also partnered with countless wedding vendors, such as photographers and videographers, to offer discounts to its clients. 

With over 500 raving Google Reviews, it makes them the top Wedding Live Band company in Singapore!

Check out their contact information below.

Tel: +65 9888 3007

2. Red Kite Music

Singer/Guitarist Amanda Tee performing at an outdoor wedding

Image by: Red Kite Music

Red Kite is another Singaporean company comprising veteran musicians with customisable options to create your perfect wedding live band. They always aim to find the most suitable live band for your event. 

They have been active in Singapore for over 15 years and have provided live bands for thousands of wedding couples. Their growing pool of talents has expanded beyond live bands to include emcees, DJs, dancers, and many more. Additionally, Red Kite has taken the initiative to organise music events like “Original Sundays” to showcase local singers/songwriters and bands, and they are frequently involved in charity events. 

Tel: +65 9182 9278

Instagram: @redkitemusic

3. Two Of Us

Choy Ting emceeing at a wedding

Image by: Two Of Us

Two Of Us was founded by Ernest Chua and Choy Ting. They are a husband-and-wife acoustic duo based in Singapore and their services include wedding live band entertainment, bilingual emcee services, and custom original songs. The multilingual duo are known for their ability to perform popular wedding songs across 10 different languages. Their ability to interact with audiences and their natural chemistry with each other make their performances highly engaging and charming.  

They can be found performing at bars and restaurants around Singapore. 

Tel: +65 9105 1980

Instagram: @twoofussg

4. AnchorBlanc

AnchorBlanc photoshoot outside popular wedding venue

Image by: AnchorBlanc

AnchorBlanc is a pop duo consisting of Charles "Stitch" and Ferlyn. The duo combines Ferlyn's soothing singing style with Charles's high-energy beatboxing. Together, they are a dynamic duo that can cover English pop, Mandarin pop, Top 40s, and evergreen genres. AnchorBlanc aims to engage everyone at your wedding — from the four-year-old who wants to hear Baby Shark to the elderly who crave Teresa Teng's classic tunes. 

Besides providing a live band service, they also provide bilingual emcee and sound system rental services. They can be found performing at bars and restaurants around Singapore. 

To find out more about them, check out their contact information below. 

Tel: +65 9278 2664

Instagram: @anchorblanc

5. White Ribbon

White Ribbon band wedding photoshoot

Image by: White Ribbon

White Ribbon was established in 2012 and has been rocking stages for over a decade. Singaporean singer-songwriter 魏妙如 Ruth Kueo leads the group and has become one of Singapore's top wedding live bands. Their collective of singers and musicians is highly experienced, and they've performed at many large events around Singapore.

The group is known for their professionalism, friendliness, and passion for music. With a wide range of songs to choose from, the group can cater to any wedding and event.

Tel: +65 9790 1797

6. GC Live Music

GC Live performing at a wedding. Featuring a 3-piece band.

Image by: GC Live Music

Glittering Carousel Live Music (also known as GC Live Music) stands out as one of Singapore's leading providers of live music entertainment. Their team of musicians and singers are dedicated to delivering top-notch performances. The company has decades of experience performing at weddings and events, both locally and regionally. Their musicians have even shared the stage with renowned artists like David Tao, Wang Lee Hom, Zhang Hui Mei (Ah Mei), JJ Lin, Stefanie Sun, Kit Chan, and Eason Chan.

Founded by Singaporean singer-songwriter and producer David Tan, GC Live Music is committed to keeping music authentic and heartfelt. Over the years, they've brought their live performances to weddings, corporate functions, and intimate private events.

Tel: +65 9824 5005

Instagram: @gclivemusicsg

7. Music Box

Music Box performing at a wedding

Image by: Music Box

Founded in 2007, Music Box began as one of the early innovators in live band entertainment for weddings. With over ten years of experience, they have performed for numerous weddings and events. With their group of singers and musicians, they can cater to a wide range of specifications.

Clients can take comfort in knowing that Music Box's Musicians and singers can handle impromptu song requests and even encourage guest sing-alongs. Additionally, their emcees are experienced at quickly adapting to unexpected situations during events, ensuring a seamless experience.

Instagram: @musicboxwedding

8. Sparkle Live Music

Sparkle Live Music's founders

Sparkle Live Music was founded in 2012 by Singaporean artist Tay Kewei, keyboardist Lee Ein Ein, and vocalist Tay Kexin. The company is a leading provider of live bands in Singapore and boasts a team of skilled musicians and singers.

Since the company's founding, they have performed for thousands of weddings and events, both locally and regionally.

Tel: +65 8771 1829

9. Wedding Serenata

Wedding Serenata at Marina Barrage

Established in 2012, Wedding Serenata has served couples for over a decade, bringing music to countless weddings. They cover various music genres, from smooth jazz to popular hits. Their versatility extends beyond languages, as they can perform songs in Cantonese, Hokkien, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, English, and Mandarin.

Wedding Serenata prides itself on working with a small, highly skilled team of professionals and musicians. As a trusted company, clients can rest assured knowing they're in good hands when they engage Wedding Serenata.

Tel: +65 9668 1418

Instagram: @weddingserenata


AGOP performing at a wedding

Image by: AGOP

AGOPSG, also known as A Group Of People, is a Singaporean band formed in 2014. Their mission is to bring joy through music. With Jeremy Han as their lead vocalist, AGOPSG has performed at more than 450 weddings and corporate events across Singapore, touching the hearts of over 100,000 people.

AGOPSG is known for its versatility. It plays a wide range of music genres, from classic oldies to modern pop hits, in various languages and dialects.

Tel: +65 9229 6329, +65 9477 8015

Instagram: @agopsg


Regardless of which live band you decide to engage for your wedding, you can rest assured that each one of them will greatly enhance your special day and help make it a truly memorable one. 

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