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Top 20 Wedding and Bridal Gown Rental in Singapore to Bring the Poise in You

Updated: 4 days ago

Top 20 Wedding and Bridal Gown Rental in Singapore

Searching for the ideal wedding gown is an important step for many brides-to-be. The journey to discover that perfect dress can be thrilling yet nerve-wracking. While many boutiques in Singapore provide custom-made bridal gowns, their prices can be steep. Hence, renting a wedding gown emerges as a sensible choice for those mindful of their budget and the environment. After all, how many times do you think a custom-made wedding gown will be used?

When you rent a bridal gown, you can revel in a selection of modern and designer styles without the obligation of purchasing them. Wedding gown rental services provide an assortment of styles ranging from timeless classics to bold contemporary designs, ensuring there's something to suit each bride's personal taste and the theme of her wedding. Whether your heart is set on an ornate gown or a simple, understated piece, our top 20 list is your gateway to finding your dream dress.

We've carefully chosen each bridal boutique featured on our list for its exquisite collections, outstanding customer service, and unwavering commitment to making your wedding dream a reality. Step into a world where elegance is accessible and where your perfect wedding gown awaits—just a rental away!

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Top 20 Wedding & Bridal Gown Rental in Singapore

1. Luna Bianca

lady in long white wedding gown

Luna Bianca offers a luxurious bridal experience in the heart of Singapore. The boutique specialises in a vast collection of European wedding gowns and provides customisable packages that include wedding gown rentals, pre-wedding, and wedding day photography. The attention to personal details and high-quality gowns make Luna Bianca a prime choice for brides looking for unique and exquisite designs.

Phone: +65 6338 9839

2. Wedding Crafters

asian lady in red bridal gown

Wedding Crafters is noted for its locally designed, handcrafted wedding gowns. Situated at One Tat Seng in Singapore, they offer unconventional and romantic gowns with an emphasis on modern, lightweight cuts suitable for Asian physiques. The studio updates its collection every four months, ensuring a fresh selection for brides. They provide wedding gown rentals and bespoke tailoring services by appointment only.

Phone: +65 8182 6226

3. The Gown Warehouse

asian lady in glitzern wedding gown

The Gown Warehouse is a lifestyle concept bridal store located at 25 Lichfield Road. It offers a vast selection of the latest wedding gown designs and rental and bespoke gowns, updating its collections quarterly to ensure a modern offering. Known for luxurious lace and intricate details, the store aims to provide an all-inclusive bridal shopping experience.

Phone: +65 6734 3998

4. Dream Wedding

dream wedding long white bridal gown

Located at 410 Bukit Batok West Ave 4, Dream Wedding offers a range of bridal packages that include wedding gown rental, pre-wedding and actual day photography, and wedding planning services. They are known for their extensive gown collection and focus on providing a value-centric service. Prices range from $999 to $1500, with options for every budget.

Phone: +65 6604 8013

5. Fleur D’sign

lace wedding gown

Fleur D’sign at 371 Upper Paya Lebar Road, combines a bridal boutique with a florist service, offering gowns that cater to fashionable brides looking for anything from traditional to haute couture styles. They also provide fabulous floral arrangements and complete bridal packages, including photography and makeup services.

Phone: +65 9169 8088

6. Love, Fioyo 

lady sitting on ground in modern wedding gown

Love, Fioyo offers a unique approach with their "One Design. Multiple Looks" philosophy, providing convertible dresses that can be styled in various ways. Their collection ranges from simple, modern pieces to classic elegance, crafted to embrace a bride's individuality. This service is perfect for brides looking for versatile and sustainable fashion options.

Phone: +65 8878 0918

7. Yvonne Creative Bridal

lady in wedding gown in front of a lake

Yvonne Creative is renowned for its personalised and comprehensive bridal services, tailored to every bride's unique needs and preferences. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, they offer a wide selection of bridal gowns, including custom designs crafted by their in-house team. Known for their flexibility and attentive service, Yvonne Creative Bridal goes the extra mile to ensure that brides feel special and beautifully attired for their big day, providing everything from gown fitting to professional wedding photography packages. Their boutique's approachable style and inclusive options make it a favoured choice among brides seeking a memorable and stress-free wedding experience.

Phone: +65 6292 0342 / +65 6227 8830

8. The Gown Connoisseur

emelle in blue bridal gown

The Gown Connoisseur in Singapore offers a luxurious and enjoyable bridal gown rental experience, ensuring every bride finds her perfect match. With an emphasis on comprehensive service, they provide tailored packages that include gown rental, bridal accessories, alterations, cleaning, and even delivery. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail is evident in their personal approach, allowing for a seamless and personalised fitting process. For brides seeking a full-service solution, The Gown Connoisseur also offers packages that incorporate pre-wedding and actual day photography and makeup services.

Phone: +65 9150 9120 

9. My Bridal Room

asian theme wedding and bridal gown

My Bridal Room, situated at 420 North Bridge Road, provides comprehensive bridal services in Singapore. With a holistic approach to wedding planning, they aim to alleviate the stress and amplify the joy of the journey to the aisle. Beyond offering an extensive collection of exquisite bridal gowns for rental, My Bridal Room extends its services to encompass every aspect of the wedding day. From photography to videography, they ensure that every moment is captured fully.

Phone: +65 8128 9546

10. La Belle Couture

unique and colourful wedding gown design

La Belle Couture at 87 Tanjong Pagar Road is known for their bespoke bridal services in Singapore. Their customised bridal packages include a comprehensive range of services, from gown rental to full wedding planning. Renowned for their personalised approach, La Belle Couture caters to each bride's unique preferences and needs. With their attention to detail and commitment to excellence, La Belle Couture guarantees that they will create memories to last a lifetime. 

Phone: +65 6327 3983

11. Bridefully Yours 

modern sleek wedding gown

Bridefully Yours offers a unique and expressive bridal experience focusing on flexibility and affordability. They provide extensive bridal gown options, including low-cost package add-ons and a professional photography service to capture your special day. Their commitment to supporting women in finding their perfect gown is evident in their personalised service.

Phone: +65 8760 8107

12. Digio Bridal 

digio bridal's wildflower series wedding gown

Digio Bridal, located at 69 Tanjong Pagar Road, is renowned for its wide selection of bridal gowns and comprehensive service that caters to each bride's individual needs. With various styles from vintage-inspired to modern chic, they offer packages that include gown rental, suits for the groom, and even photography services.

Phone: +65 6225 1612

13. Alisha & Lace 

taiwanese model in bridal gown

Originating from Taiwan, Alisha & Lace offers a refined collection of designer dresses, specialising in ready-to-wear and custom gowns. Known for their meticulous attention to detail, they provide a personalised fitting experience to ensure every bride looks and feels beautiful.

Phone: +65 6822 0320

14. Odelia Bridal Studio 

unique reddish pink wedding gown

Odelia Bridal Studio, managed by an award-winning wedding photographer and distinguished gown designer, is renowned as one of the premier bridal boutiques in Singapore. Dedicated to delivering a premium and personalised wedding experience, the studio offers exquisite gowns crafted by a seasoned designer with years of expertise. Their comprehensive bridal packages offer excellent value without compromising quality, making wedding planning a seamless and budget-friendly affair. With a commitment to effortless designs and seamless coherence, the studio welcomes couples to realise their dream wedding beyond their wildest imaginations.

Phone: +65 80636728

15. Grace Atelier Weddings 

lady in sleek cheongsam wedding gown

Founded by Jasmine Zhao, Grace Atelier Weddings is celebrated for its modern and fashion-forward designer couture gowns. Situated at 119A East Coast Road, they offer a personalised shopping experience with a variety of flexible packages that include collaborations with local designers and stylists.

Phone: +65 8481 5534

16. The Proposal 

lady in marchesa design bridal gown

Nestled within Capitol Singapore, The Proposal caters to fashion-forward brides seeking elegance and style. Founded to provide brides with impeccably balanced wedding gowns, evening wear, and traditional dresses, The Proposal ensures admiration from friends, colleagues, and elders alike. Offering a curated selection of high-end designer dresses, The Proposal simplifies the search for the perfect wedding gown.

Phone: +65 6835 7077

17. Truly Enamoured 

truly enamoured's designer wedding gown

Truly Enamoured offers a sophisticated array of international designer and couture wedding gowns. They provide a luxury bridal shopping experience with additional services like bespoke wedding stationery. Devoted to the Fine Art aesthetic, they curate a selection of bridal styles from emerging and world-renowned designers, focusing on sophistication and inner beauty.

Phone: +65 6286 0281

18. Blessed Brides 

blessed brides designer wedding gown

Blessed Brides is a carefully curated bridal boutique in Singapore that reflects the owners' personal tastes and ideals. Beyond retail, it caters to women who seek an alternative to mainstream aesthetics, offering an organic and comfortable approach to dress shopping for their special day.

Phone: +65 9834 5543

19. KGOWN 

lady in wedding gown and veil

KGOWN, founded by Kim in 2014, specialises in designing and crafting wedding dresses in-house. KGOWN embodies Kim's design philosophy, emphasising functionality and harmony. Kim's love for floral lace and glimmering fabric shines through in each gown as she continuously updates her collection with the newest trends in the market. With a keen eye for detail, Kim explores various ways to blend these elements, ensuring each gown is unique. Recognising that not everyone possesses a model-like figure, Kim's designs aim to accentuate individual strengths while gracefully accommodating imperfections.

Phone: +65 8113 9501

20. Story Wedding 

selection of wedding gowns on hangers

Story Wedding specialises in offering a wide selection of bridal gowns, both for sale and rental. Their collection features diverse styles, encompassing classic, timeless designs and contemporary, innovative creations. The company is dedicated to ensuring that each bride feels confident, empowered, and true to herself as she walks down the aisle.

Phone: +65 8828 5277

FAQ on Renting a Wedding Gown in Singapore

1. When should I book my bridal gown rental?

To secure the perfect wedding gown, begin your rental search six to nine months prior to your wedding. This allows ample time for exploring various styles, fitting sessions, and any needed alterations, helping you avoid last-minute rush fees.

2. What should I bring to my wedding gown fitting sessions?

Bring the undergarments and shoes you intend to wear to ensure your gown fits perfectly on your wedding day. This will give you a more accurate feel for how the gown will look and fit, allowing for precise alterations.

3. Are alterations included in the cost of renting a bridal gown?

Alteration policies vary among rental services. Some include basic alterations in the rental fee, while others charge additional costs. It’s crucial to inquire about these details beforehand to prevent any surprises.

4. What happens if I damage the rental bridal gown?

Most services require a security deposit for potential damages. Understanding what constitutes normal wear and tear versus significant damage is important, as you may incur extra charges for more severe damages.

5. Can I customise a rental wedding gown?

Customisation depends on the rental service. While some services permit minor modifications like adding sleeves or adjusting hemlines, others may allow more significant changes. Discuss your customization needs early to determine what's possible within your agreement and budget.

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