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Top 20 Wedding Planners in Singapore to Ease Your Wedding

Updated: 4 days ago

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Selecting the right wedding planner in Singapore is essential for orchestrating your big day. An experienced wedding planner does more than just coordinate events; they bring your vision to life while easing the stress of wedding preparations. A wedding planner's support is invaluable for young Singaporean couples managing busy careers and personal commitments. They can handle everything from venue bookings to vendor negotiations. This guide explores the Top 20 Wedding Planners in Singapore who are renowned for their exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Let's first discuss our selection criteria, then we'll present our list of Top 20 Wedding Planners.

If you are strapped for time, jump to our FAQ section for the most commonly asked questions.

Table of Contents:

10. Pei

16. Chère

19. Eternal Emotion

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Criteria for Selection

When compiling our list of the top 20 wedding planners in Singapore, we focused primarily on customer reviews. The reputation of a wedding planner in the eyes of past clients is invaluable. High customer satisfaction often indicates a planner's ability to deliver great service, manage logistics, and cater to the unique tastes of their clients.

1. Customer Reviews

We looked at online platforms where couples left feedback about their experiences, including Google Reviews and reviews left on online forums. We considered planners with consistently high ratings and positive testimonials for our list. This approach helps ensure that our recommended planners have a proven track record of reliability, creativity, and professionalism.

2. Diversity of Services

We also considered the range of services offered. Planners who provide comprehensive packages are more appealing because they can simplify the planning process for couples.

3. Adaptability and Communication

Another key factor was the ability to tailor services to each couple's preferences. Effective communication is especially important, ensuring the planner fully understands the couple's vision.

By following these three criteria, we aim to provide a list that recommends the best wedding planners in Singapore and ensures they can meet your needs and expectations. Next, we will introduce each of the top 20 Wedding Planners in Singapore, highlighting their specialities and what sets them apart.


Top 20 Wedding Planners

1. Everitt Weddings

everitt table set wedding planner

Everitt Weddings is celebrated for its personalised approach to wedding planning in Singapore. They offer tailored experiences that highlight each couple's unique style and identity. Known for their versatility and creativity, Everitt provides various services, from venue styling to comprehensive day-of coordination. They offer various planning packages, including the Essential Basic, Embellish Classic, and Exquisite Premium plans, designed to cater to different needs and budgets. Clients praise Everitt for their professional execution and ability to transform wedding visions into heartfelt realities.

Phone: +65 8113 2473

2. The Wedding Stylist

wedding table set

The Wedding Stylist, founded by Caroline Tan-Reed and Wenxin Zhang in 2009, excels in crafting tailored wedding experiences that reflect each couple's unique style and vision. They are known for their detail-oriented approach and offer services ranging from full wedding planning to styling and day-of coordination. With a strong portfolio that includes destination weddings, The Wedding Stylist is celebrated for transforming personal stories into unforgettable celebrations. Their ability to create stress-free, beautifully orchestrated events makes them a sought-after planner in Singapore and beyond.

Phone: +65 9125 8318

3. Beautiful Gatherings

couple marching in

Beautiful Gatherings is recognised for its commitment to creating memorable weddings that reflect the personal stories of each couple. Known for their meticulous planning and coordination, this Singapore-based wedding planner offers various services ranging from full planning and design to actual day coordination. They focus on crafting events that celebrate love and resonate deeply with the couple and their guests. Beautiful Gatherings is praised for its ability to manage all aspects of a wedding, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience, which allows couples to fully enjoy their special day.

Phone: +65 9687 3318

4. The Wedding Entourage

wedding entourage table layout

The Wedding Entourage has been a notable presence in Singapore's wedding planning industry since 2003. This experienced team prides itself on creating personalised weddings that reflect each couple's unique stories and personalities. Offering a comprehensive range of services from full wedding planning to destination weddings and bridal shows, The Wedding Entourage ensures that every detail is meticulously crafted to deliver memorable and seamless celebrations. Clients consistently praise their dedication to creating beautiful, unforgettable wedding experiences. Interesting note: one of the founders is locally-known radio personality, The Flying Dutchman.

Phone: +65 6530 3905

5. Arches & Co.

candles on table wedding planner

Arches & Co. specialises in personalised wedding planning in Singapore, focusing on creating custom experiences tailored to each couple's unique story. Known for their meticulous attention to detail, they offer comprehensive services from initial concept to day-of coordination. The team at Arches & Co. have a unique ability to ease wedding day stress, which shows the team's caring and thorough approach. This is a team that I've personally seen in action, and I can vouch for their ability to create unforgettable events. It is no surprise that they have a perfect 5.0 review on Google.

You can contact the team and book a video call with them on their website.

Phone: +65 8755 2338

6. Wedding Diary

wedding diary table display planner

Wedding Diary, founded by Lily Lu in 2009, specialises in customised décor, styling, and comprehensive planning management. Known for its detail-oriented approach, Wedding Diary offers services that personalise each event to reflect the couple's unique story. They are particularly noted for their capability to manage every aspect of wedding planning, ensuring a seamless process and an exceptional day for the couple. Clients consistently praise Wedding Diary for their creativity and the personal touch they bring to each wedding.

Phone: +65 9720 9069

7. I Do For You

wedding in chijmes hall

I Do For You is a wedding planning service in Singapore that offers tailored experiences to make each wedding unique and personal. Although they are relatively young as a company (founded in 2020), they have made a name for themselves by creating beautiful and memorable weddings. I Do For You provides services from full planning to day-of coordination.

8. Create Your Story

create your story table set up

Daniela Erni, founder of Create Your Story, leverages her nearly two decades of event planning experience across Switzerland, Europe, and Asia to offer premier wedding planning services in Singapore. Known for her precision and creative flair, Daniela's company specialises in tailored wedding experiences that emphasise elegance. Her extensive travel and business background enrich her service offerings, enabling her to incorporate diverse cultural elements into each wedding. Create Your Story is known for transforming each couple’s vision into a memorable event that blends professional execution with personal touches.

Phone: +65 9880 3896

9. I Got Hitched

display set by i got hitched

I Got Hitched is distinguished for its exceptional commitment to wedding planning. The company is led by the dedicated duo Yan Ling & Myran. Clients praise their thorough and hands-on approach, emphasising how the planners handle every detail. Their flexibility and readiness to ensure all runs smoothly, even in intricate scenarios like destination proposals, are often highlighted by clients who feel supported throughout their events. I Got Hitched is highly recommended for its reliable and creative wedding services.

Phone: +65 8053 4894

10. Pei

pei wedding planner with bridal party

Pei is a wedding planning service in Singapore that focuses on providing tailored coordination and planning. Peiyi founded the company, and she first entered the wedding industry as an intern in 2013. After graduating from university with experience in the building industry, she expertly managed building and wedding projects. In 2019, she founded Pei, focusing exclusively on weddings to unleash her full potential. Dedicated to creating perfect weddings, she leads a capable team committed to delivering exceptional and personalised wedding experiences for every couple.

Phone: +65 8912 6962

11. Heaven's Gift

heaven's gift unique wedding

Heaven's Gift, founded by Hannah Chong in 2003, is a well-known Singapore wedding planning and events company. Known for its luxury bespoke celebrations, the company excels in local and international settings. Hannah Chong's expertise, stemming from a brand and marketing strategy background, empowers her to blend creativity with meticulous detail, ensuring each event is imaginative and flawlessly executed. The company is renowned for managing grand events, including weddings with guest lists exceeding 1500 attendees. With its comprehensive approach, Heaven's Gift handles everything from initial concepts to the fine details of event execution, making each celebration a seamless and memorable experience.

Phone: +65 6220 0378

12. The Wedding Atelier

wedding set up in hong kong

The Wedding Atelier is a Singapore-based company founded by Lelian, a former Goldman Sachs financier. They are a globally recognised luxury wedding planner specialising in bespoke and grand events across multiple continents. With over a decade of experience, the Singaporean company delivers meticulously planned and unique celebrations, ensuring each event reflects exceptional beauty and luxury. Lelian is also recognised as a top planner by Harper's Bazaar US and other esteemed publications, making The Wedding Atelier one of the top wedding planners globally.

Phone: 8869 2830

13. The Wedding Concepteur

well designed walkway for wedding

The Wedding Concepteur views your wedding as a unique piece of art, meticulously crafting each detail from the ground up based on a deep understanding of your personal story and preferences. Since their inception in 2014, they have dedicated themselves to prioritising each couple's needs and desires. They meticulously select vendors that align perfectly with your vision rather than working with a fixed list of preferred vendors. Throughout your wedding journey, from the early planning stages to the delivery of post-wedding items, they ensure that every aspect is carefully managed to provide a truly personalised experience.

Phone: +65 8853 0831

14. Rosette Designs & Co.

fullerton wedding solemnisation

Rosette Designs & Co., founded by Hellen Lie in 2013, excels in transforming wedding dreams into reality with its creative event styling and detailed planning. As one of Singapore's premier wedding planners, Rosette Designs is known for its dedication to crafting unique and beautiful weddings tailored to each couple's story. They offer a wide range of services, including decor, event styling, wedding planning, and actual day coordination. Their approach is marked by a commitment to creativity, personalised service, and meticulous attention to detail. They strive to ensure that each wedding day is visually stunning and well-executed.

Phone: +65 8063 8340

15. Spellbound Group

wedding ceremony on the beach

Spellbound Group is a distinguished wedding planning firm in Singapore, boasting over 18 years of experience. They are known for thinking outside the box and delivering extraordinary events that leave lasting impressions. With a talent for handling everything from floral arrangements to complete event landscapes, Spellbound also specialises in organising weddings in various international locations, ensuring each event is tailored to meet the couple’s desires and budget constraints.

Phone: +65 9658 0816

16. Chère

chere wedding table layout

Chère is celebrated for its bespoke event planning and execution, specialising in intimate and grand weddings. With over a decade in the industry, Chère is renowned for its deep understanding of clients' needs, turning their visions into beautifully executed events. Their services include concept design, budget planning, vendor management, and logistics. Known for their collaborative approach, Chère works closely with each couple to craft experiences that are not only elegant but also deeply personal and memorable.

Phone: +65 8918 4872

17. Inside The Knot

wedding cake and flowers at a wedding

Inside The Knot is celebrated for its creative and detail-oriented wedding planning services in Singapore. With a strong portfolio showcased through various themes and personalised concepts, they are known for their ability to craft aesthetic and unique wedding experiences, perfectly aligning with each couple’s vision and requirements. Their work often includes intricate decorations and thematic styling that transform venues into dreamlike settings, ensuring every wedding is visually captivating and uniquely memorable.

Phone: +65 8799 0300

18. My Dream Wedding

korean themed wedding shoot

My Dream Wedding is dedicated to realising couples’ dream weddings across Asia with bespoke services that cater to various wedding needs. Originating from Hong Kong, they have expanded their expertise to Singapore. They offer comprehensive wedding services, including pre-wedding photography, gown rentals, actual day photography, and detailed day-of coordination. Known for its high-quality service and personalised approach, My Dream Wedding ensures each couple’s vision is beautifully brought to life.

Phone: +65 6438 1237

19. Eternal Emotion

couple sitting on steps in arts house singapore

Eternal Emotion, Singapore's first Japanese-trained wedding planner, offers a comprehensive and professional service tailored to each couple’s needs. Focusing on meticulous, step-by-step consultations, they provide full wedding planning services, including sourcing venues, selecting vendors, and coordinating your special day. Ideal for those interested in experiencing the Japanese approach to wedding planning, Eternal Emotion combines efficiency with a personalized touch to ensure your wedding is uniquely yours.

Phone: +65 6338 6773

20. Bliss Pact

capella ballroom decorated by bliss pact

Bliss Pact, established in 2016 in Singapore, specialises in crafting personalised and memorable events such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthday celebrations. The company delivers bespoke services, transforming clients' visions into joyous and stress-free celebrations. With a passionate and skilled team, Bliss Pact manages all aspects of event planning, from the initial consultation to the day-of execution, helping hosts to fully enjoy their special occasion without the usual logistical stresses.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to hire a wedding planner in Singapore?

In Singapore, the cost of hiring a wedding planner typically ranges from SGD 3,000 to SGD 6,000 for basic services like guidance and coordination. For more comprehensive full-planning packages that include extensive coordination and luxury services, prices can escalate to SGD 10,000 or more.

2. When should you book a wedding planner in Singapore?

You should book a wedding planner as soon as possible, especially if you are planning a wedding during peak months such as June or December. Many planners even suggest booking them a year in advance.

3. What are the key factors to consider when choosing a wedding planner in Singapore?

When selecting a wedding planner in Singapore, consider their experience and portfolio quality. It's crucial to review client testimonials to gauge their satisfaction. Additionally, ensure the planner understands your vision and can communicate effectively while managing vendor relationships.

4. Can wedding planners in Singapore arrange destination weddings abroad?

Yes, many wedding planners based in Singapore specialise in arranging destination weddings. They are skilled at managing the complex logistics required for organising weddings in foreign locations, including vendor coordination and event planning.

5. What services do wedding planners in Singapore typically offer?

Wedding planners in Singapore typically offer services that cover all aspects of wedding preparation, including venue selection, vendor management, budget planning, styling and decor, actual-day coordination, and full event planning. Additional services may include pre-wedding photography arrangements and guest management.


Final Thoughts

Selecting the right wedding planner is crucial for ensuring your special day is seamless and enjoyable. The top 20 wedding planners in Singapore, each with their own unique expertise and style, stand ready to bring your wedding dreams to life, whether you desire a grand affair or a more intimate celebration. They offer creativity, experience, and meticulous attention to detail, relieving you of the stress of planning such a significant event. Engage with these professionals for personalised consultations to explore creative ideas and custom solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring your wedding is a memorable and stress-free celebration of your love. Don't hesitate to reach out and start planning your dream wedding with the best in the business today.

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