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Pre Wedding Films

Share your Love Story in your
Pre-Wedding Film!

Share with us a few essential details, and we will bring your love story to life in your Pre-Wedding Videography!


HOW did you meet?

Did you first meet at a Friend's Gathering? At Work? Or the now-famous - dating apps?

Share with us, and we will script this for you to share how you both met and fell in love!

Pre-Wedding Videography.jpg
Pre-Wedding Videographer.jpg


WHAT do you like about each other?

Is HE a charismatic person at work?

Is SHE an eye candy every time you see her?

Tell us, and we will bring out the best, telling everyone what you like about each other!

Our Pre-Wedding Videos


Leonard & Eunice

Kaiyuan & Gelin

Ee Teck & Patricia

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