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Top 20 Wedding and Bridal Bouquet in Singapore to Grace your Wedding

Updated: 4 days ago

hand holding a bridal bouquet

A bridal bouquet is more than a beautiful accessory; it symbolises love and union and is central to the wedding decor. In Singapore, where trends lean towards personalisation and innovation, couples often choose bridal bouquets that reflect their unique styles and stories.

These wedding bouquets do more than decorate a venue; they carry symbols of the couple’s journey—such as fidelity, adventure, or passion—expressed through the choice of flowers and design. The styles range from lush, tropical arrangements to minimalist, eco-friendly designs.

With a growing preference for customisation, Singaporean couples are turning to florists who can craft creations that are not only visually stunning but also emotionally significant. These wedding bouquets are not just part of the ceremony; they are a deeply personal part of the celebration.

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Top 20 Wedding & Bridal Bouquets in Singapore

Choosing the right florist is crucial in wedding planning. The perfect wedding bouquet not only complements the bride’s style but also enhances the overall decor of the celebration. Whether you prefer a traditional, lush arrangement or a more modern, minimalist design, Singapore offers a wide range of talented florists to cater to every taste.

Here’s a look at the top 20 florists in Singapore known for crafting beautiful wedding flower bouquets that can add that special touch to your big day.

1. Floral Magic

floral magic wedding bouquet

Floral Magic was established in 2000 and has become a prominent name in Singapore’s bridal bouquet scene. It is renowned for its delicate balance of freshness and sentimentality in materials and designs. Under Lucy Siah’s and her daughters’ guidance, this family-owned business has cultivated a unique floral style that draws from extensive international training and local expertise. The team at Floral Magic specialises in wedding flower arrangements, offering a range of services from bridal bouquets to complete venue decorations. Their work is distinguished by its personalised approach, ensuring that each arrangement reflects the personal style and story of the couple. Known for their detailed and bespoke creations, they provide various floral services, including hobbyist workshops and professional classes for those interested in learning floristry firsthand.

Phone: +65 6337 6398

2. Fiore Dorato

fiore dorato wedding table flower

Established in 1996 by Brenda Lee, Fiore Dorato has made a significant mark in the wedding bouquet industry in Singapore with its unique and lavish floral designs. Known for transforming event spaces with grand floral installations, Fiore Dorato caters to various occasions. This includes luxury weddings and large-scale corporate events. The studio is celebrated for its innovative approach to floral design, often incorporating exotic blooms and bespoke arrangements tailored to each client’s needs. Fiore Dorato has been consistently recognised for its excellence in the floral industry, earning accolades such as the Singapore Tatler’s Best of Singapore Florist award for several consecutive years. The studio also offers floral design workshops, allowing individuals to experience the art of floristry firsthand.

Phone: +65 6538 7227

3. Moon Fleur

lady holding bridal bouquet

Moon Fleur is a team based in Singapore that specialises in preserved and dried flower arrangements. Their unique offerings include floral photo frames, round floral domes, and small desk pieces, perfect for enhancing home and office environments. They are well-known for their sustainable practices and commitment to crafting flowers that last for months or even years. Moon Fleur also cares about environmental and social responsibility, using biodegradable packaging and donating a portion of their proceeds to charity. They engage the community with florist-guided workshops, where participants can create their own preserved flower glass dome arrangements, making the experience both personal and educational.

Phone: +65 8613 2193

4. Props and Petals

solemnisation table with arch

Props and Petals, founded in 2019, quickly established itself in Singapore's wedding industry by offering budget-friendly wedding styling and props rental services. It operates alongside its sister company, Petals Plus, providing a comprehensive range of floral solutions, from fresh to artificial and dried flowers tailored for various wedding needs. Props and Petals is noted for its ability to deliver elegant, bespoke floral arrangements and decorations that cater to each couple's preferences, ensuring every wedding is both beautiful and uniquely personal. This service extends beyond just flowers, as they also offer a variety of props to complete the styling of your special day, making them a versatile choice for comprehensive wedding decor.

Phone: +65 8918 6194

5. 5am Flowers

small bouquet on wedding table

5am Flowers is celebrated for its dreamy, wild, and low-waste floral arrangements tailored for weddings and everyday occasions. Founded by Ching, who transitioned from journalism to floristry, this boutique combines a passion for storytelling with a commitment to environmental sustainability. The company offers a bespoke service, crafting everything from personal florals like hand bouquets and boutonnieres to comprehensive venue decorations. Emphasising personal engagement, Ching collaborates closely with each couple to ensure the floral designs reflect their unique story and style preferences. Additionally, 5sm Flowers limits its full-service wedding bookings to ensure each project receives detailed attention.

6. Royal Blooms

bouquet on pew in church

Royal Blooms was founded in 2015 by Faith and Alexis, two florists passionate about crafting bespoke floral arrangements. Specialising in weddings, Royal Blooms offers a wide array of personalised services, from bridal bouquets to floral arches, ensuring every floral detail aligns perfectly with the wedding theme. Known for using the freshest blooms available weekly, they bring a dynamic and meticulous approach to their creations. Royal Blooms is celebrated for its attentive, personalised service, often praised by clients for its ability to transform wedding visions into floral realities.

Phone: +65 9800 5801

7. Elly Sera Florist

lady in dress holding wedding bouquet

Established in Singapore, Elly Sera Florist is celebrated for its romantic, dreamy, floral creations tailored to weddings and special occasions. They offer various services, from bridal bouquets to full-event floral styling. Known for their affordability and versatility, Elly Sera Florist is dedicated to providing stunning floral designs that adhere to both traditional and contemporary styles. Their approach to wedding florals includes careful attention to detail and high-quality blooms, making them a reliable choice for your special day.

Phone: +65 8892 6625

8. The Interior Collections

lady in black pants holding a large bouquet

The Interior Collections stands out in Singapore’s floral industry for its comprehensive wedding and event decoration services. Known for its flexibility and attention to detail, this florist offers everything from bridal bouquets to elaborate venue stylings. They are particularly noted for their ability to deliver fresh floral arrangements and customised decorations that precisely meet their clients' visions. The Interior Collections also emphasises convenience with services like same-day delivery for orders placed before a cut-off time, ensuring fresh and timely decorations for every event.

Phone: +65 9270 7756

9. Hello Flowers

hello flowers bouquet

Hello Flowers is a socially conscious florist in Singapore that creates beautiful, nature-inspired floral arrangements. Established as a social enterprise, it supports community engagement by providing floral therapy workshops and other initiatives to empower vulnerable groups. Hello Flowers' floral services are tailored to a variety of events, including weddings, where they offer bespoke bridal bouquets and venue decorations. Hello Flowers is noted for its experimental and organic approach to floristry, ensuring that each arrangement uniquely reflects the natural beauty of its components.

Phone: +65 9341 3646

10. Floral Garage

floral garage sunflower

Floral Garage is renowned for offering various affordable floral products and services, including bridal bouquets, wedding arrangements, and more. Founded by Justin and Jonah, who turned their floral hobby into a thriving business, this florist is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and free same-day delivery across Singapore. They stand out for their community engagement, hosting non-profit workshops and supporting various social causes. Floral Garage is committed to making floral gifts accessible to everyone, focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction. With over 1000+ positive reviews on Google, it is hard to go wrong with this florist.

Phone: +65 9387 8871

11. Sing See Soon

flowers and Ferraro roche

Sing See Soon is a prominent florist and landscape expert based in Singapore. The company is renowned for its deep-rooted history and pioneering status in the floral industry. Established in 1879, this fifth-generation family-owned business has become a go-to for top-tier wedding planners, celebrities, and even royalty. Known for its commitment to quality and customer-centric services, Sing See Soon offers a wide range of floral and plant arrangements, including an impressive online flower delivery service. Their offerings encompass everything from spectacular wedding flowers to weekly floral subscriptions and bespoke arrangements that cater to the individual preferences of their clients.

Phone: +65 6285 2777

12. Ferns N Petals Singapore

bouquet in basket wrap

Ferns N Petals (FNP) was founded by Vikaas Gutgutia in 1994 in Delhi, India. Starting as a single store, the company eventually grew into a prominent floral and gifting enterprise. It distinguishes itself through innovative offerings and a strong emphasis on customer delight. Over the years, FNP has expanded globally, including into markets like Singapore, offering various gifts and floral arrangements across various categories, such as wedding bouquets, cakes, chocolates, and personalised gifts. What sets FNP apart from its competitors is its expansive network, which enables it to deliver fresh flowers and gifts globally. Its commitment to customer satisfaction has established FNP as a trusted brand in the bridal bouquet and gifting industry.

Phone: +65 9727 9363

13. Gathered+Styled

a bunch of roses

Gathered+Styled, led by founder Alyona or "Aly," has been pushing the boundaries of floral design since 2015. The studio is known for its distinctive designs that merge nature with artistry, specialising in services for weddings, workshops, and custom arrangements. Aly's latest project, the GLITCH STEMS collection, features painted flowers that blend natural and artificial elements through bold colours and patterns. This innovative approach ensures that Gathered+Styled remains a preferred choice for enhancing events with creative and personalized floral displays.

Phone: +65 9695 0929

14. Floristique

side profile of wedding bouquet

Floristique, established by Wendy Han in 2017, has become a notable presence in Singapore’s floral industry. The company offers a 24-hour delivery service that caters to various floral needs at any hour. This florist prides itself on its expansive selection of fresh and beautifully arranged flowers, available for any occasion—from weddings to casual gifts. Their commitment to convenience is showcased through their free same-day delivery service for orders placed before specific times, ensuring timely and fresh delivery across Singapore. With an array of floral arrangements and a focus on affordability, Floristique aims to provide quality service and beautiful flowers that are accessible to all.

Phone: +65 6904 4046

15. The Bloom Box

bloom box box of roses

The Bloom Box is known for its unique daily floral arrangements delivered in beautifully designed boxes. Founded by friends Cindia and Ruth, this floral service simplifies the selection process by offering a single daily floral arrangement, revealed the day before on their website and social media. This approach is ideal for customers seeking a straightforward and surprising gift element. The Bloom Box is celebrated for its affordability, with regular-sized boxes priced at $35 and larger options available for $60. They also offer customisation for bulk orders, making it suitable for corporate events or large gatherings. Committed to convenience, they provide free same-day delivery across Singapore, ensuring flowers arrive fresh and on time.

Phone: +65 9726 7489

16. Bucket Full of Roses

white flowers on white background

Bucket Full of Roses excels in creating bespoke wedding floral arrangements that beautifully capture the essence of each couple’s unique love story. This Singapore-based florist specialises in everything from bridal bouquets to elaborate wedding arches, ensuring each floral piece perfectly complements the wedding’s theme and the couple’s preferences. They are known for their personalised service, often involving the client in the planning process to tailor everything to their specific needs. Whether it’s the floral decor for the ceremony or the reception, Bucket Full of Roses aims to transform any venue into a dreamy, romantic setting.

17. Xpressflower

lady holding xpressflower bouquet

Xpressflower is a prominent florist in Singapore, known for its extensive network of outlets and 24-hour flower delivery service. They offer diverse floral products, including wedding bouquets, gourmet hampers, and even themed collections such as Disney flowers. What sets Xpressflower apart is its commitment to convenience and customer satisfaction, evidenced by its promise of a 50% refund for late deliveries. Their offerings are tailored to meet the needs of various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and special celebrations, ensuring that customers can find the perfect flowers anytime. You have likely encountered one of their stores as they have 18 outlets spread across the island.

Phone: +65 6280 1007

18. Petite Fleur

lady in red dress hold large bouquet

Petite Fleur is celebrated for its handcrafted bouquets that capture a unique style of romance and enchantment. Founded by Patricia, a former Big Four accounting professional, the florist brings a sophisticated touch to every floral arrangement, emphasising detail, colour, and design. Petite Fleur operates fully online, offering convenient same-day delivery across Singapore, ensuring customers receive their bouquets fresh and on time for any occasion. The florist specialises in fresh flowers and beautifully designed dried flower bouquets, ideal for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, and corporate events.

Phone: +65 9270 8473

19. Far East Flora

rows of flowers

Far East Flora is one of Singapore’s most established florists, having started as a mobile shop in the 1960s. It’s known for its comprehensive range of fresh and preserved flowers catering to retail and wholesale markets. With a history dating back to 1965, Far East Flora has expanded its services to include a significant online presence, offering everything from typical floral bouquets to exotic plants. They are celebrated for their robust digital infrastructure and they provide same-day delivery services.

Phone: +65 6251 2323

20. Poppy Flora Studio

black and white image of flora

Poppy Flora Studio is a gem in Singapore’s floral industry, renowned for its artisan and vintage-style flower creations. Founded by Sarah Lim, a former advertising executive, the studio embodies a deep love for natural beauty and craftsmanship. Poppy Flora is not just a flower shop but a creative space where flowers are treated as art. The studio offers extensive floral arrangement courses, workshops, and bespoke wedding decor services. The studio is known for its wild and naturally styled bouquets that capture the essence of each bloom, making them a popular choice for those seeking something uniquely beautiful for their special occasions.

Phone: +65 9188 1247


Final Thoughts

Selecting the ideal wedding florist in Singapore is a pivotal choice that shapes the aesthetic and ambience of your big day. The top 20 florists we’ve highlighted offer a wide rage of wedding and bridal bouquet styles, catering to every preference from traditional to modern. These skilled florists are dedicated to transforming your wedding bouquet visions into reality, ensuring that every bouquet complements your theme and enriches your celebration. Explore these options to find the perfect match for your wedding in Singapore, and let your chosen florist help make your wedding day unforgettable!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best bridal bouquet designs for weddings in Singapore?

In Singapore, the best bridal bouquet designs align with modern trends and personal tastes. Popular styles include lush romantic arrangements, minimalist chic designs, and vibrant, eclectic mixes. Each design can be tailored to reflect the personalities and preferences of the couple, making every bouquet unique.

2. How do I select the perfect flower types for my bridal bouquet in Singapore?

Choosing the right flowers for your bridal bouquet involves considering the season, your wedding theme, and the symbolism of different flowers. Common choices include roses for romance, lilies for purity, and peonies for prosperity. It’s advisable to consult with a professional florist to find the best flowers that fit your style and the logistics of your wedding day​.

3. What options are available for customising my wedding bouquet in Singapore?

Extensive customisation options are available for wedding bouquets in Singapore. You can choose various flowers, colours, and arrangement styles to create your bouquet. Florists can accommodate special requests to ensure the bouquet perfectly complements your wedding theme and personal style.

4. What are the current trends for wedding bouquets in Singapore for 2024?

The current trends for wedding bouquets in Singapore include using sustainable and locally sourced flowers, designs incorporating a variety of textures and vibrant colours, and integrating unique botanicals. These trends cater to various preferences, from traditional to modern, ensuring that every bouquet is stylish and personal.

5. What are some tips for preserving my bridal bouquet post-wedding in Singapore?

To preserve your bridal bouquet, you can choose between several methods, such as air drying, pressing, or using silica gel to maintain the shape and colour of the flowers. Some florists also offer professional bouquet preservation services, which can turn your wedding flowers into a lasting memory.

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