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Top 20 Wedding Venues in Singapore that make Weddings Memorable

Updated: 4 days ago

Top wedding venues in Singapore

Choosing the perfect wedding venue can be a stressful and exhausting task. There are so many things to consider; from the size of the venue to whether it should be an indoor or outdoor event. Your wedding venue is more than just a backdrop for your ceremony and reception. The venue itself can set the tone of the entire celebration and experience for yourself and your guests. In this article, we’ll be looking at 20 of the best wedding venues in Singapore. We'll be looking at a range of venues, including small and large ones, both indoor and outdoor. 

But first, let’s explore the different things that you have to consider before choosing a venue that suits you.

Table of Contents:

1. Budget


16. Empress

20. 1-ATICO

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5 Things to consider when choosing your perfect wedding venue

Couple behind MBS wedding

1. Budget

Our budget should be the first and most important consideration when choosing the right wedding venue. While some might be fortunate enough to have no budget restraints, most should have a clear idea of their overall budget. 

Having a clear budget will also help us narrow down our options. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of beautiful wedding venues in Singapore, and it can be overwhelming to consider all of them. 

2. Location

Although Singapore is a small island nation, and you can get anywhere in about an hour, the location of your wedding venue should also be carefully considered. For example, you should consider whether an MRT station is nearby or the venue is easily accessible by taxi. Certain venues will require some walking to get to, so accessibility for the elderly can be a challenge. If the venue is in an area that is hard to reach, like Mount Faber Peak, it might be necessary to cater buses to pick up your guests at the nearest MRT station. 

3. Capacity and Layout

Another important thing you must consider for your wedding venue is the number of people it can hold and the venue's layout. You should find a venue that can host slightly more than the number of guests you invite. This will give you some extra seats in case you have last-minute guests. If you plan on inviting 180 people, consider looking for a venue that can hold up to 200 people. You should also avoid booking a venue that can hold considerably more guests than you plan on inviting, as it will make the venue look empty. For example, if you invite 200 guests to your wedding, don’t book a venue that can hold up to 500 people. It will cost more and won’t look good in photos. 

The venue layout should also be carefully considered if you plan on hosting games and activities during your wedding ceremony. A good layout can help with the flow of your wedding day. 

4. Style and Theme

The style of your venue should match the overall theme of your wedding. If you plan on having a fancy “Great Gatsby” type of wedding, you should look for venues that suit that theme. The ballroom's architecture should also suit that theme, as should the food served. Speaking of food, this brings us to our next point. 

5. Food and Beverage Options

We love our food in Singapore — almost everyone has a strong opinion on where the best chicken rice can be found. This is why picking a venue that serves food that will appeal to your guests is important. Additionally, as we are a multicultural society, consider whether you need to have halal food options. Beyond those initial considerations, it’s important to check whether the venue can provide vegetarian options and cater to people with food allergies. 

After considering these five things, you should narrow your options and book a venue tour and a food tasting. Beyond that, check if the venue has contingency plans, especially if you book an outdoor venue. Be sure to check if they have a wet-weather plan in place, and if they do, make sure you are comfortable with it. Once you’ve thought about these details, you should have a very good idea of which wedding venue will suit you best. 

Now, let’s check out 20 of the best wedding venues in Singapore to help you start your search. 


Top 20 Wedding Venues in Singapore

1. Mount Faber Peak

Solemnisation ceremony at Mount Faber Peak

Mount Faber Peak provides several options for both an indoor and outdoor ceremony. Lush greenery and other natural elements are beautifully incorporated into the venue. The view of the city and harbour vista is also breathtaking, especially at night. 

Whether you plan on hosting a fancy wedding dinner or a small and intimate solemnisation ceremony, Mount Faber Peak can provide them all. 

Phone: +65 6361 0088

2. JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach

Wedding decorations at JW Marriot

JW Marriott is located within Marina Bay, surrounded by many iconic downtown attractions. The hotel hosts weddings in its Grand Ballroom, a heritage building separated from the hotel itself. The hotel boasts legendary service and award-winning restaurants. 

The Grand Ballroom is separated into a foyer, a main ballroom, and a foyer. Within the main ballroom, you will find their iconic Forest of Lights LED wall as the main backdrop. If you’ve spent enough time on Instagram, you’ve definitely seen videos of this venue. 

Phone: +65 6818 1888

3. Raffles Hotel Singapore

Couple photoshoot at Raffles Hotel entrance

Raffles Hotel is located in the heart of the city and it’s a beacon of classic colonial architecture. The historic hotel has several ballrooms that can host your wedding ceremony, as well as an outdoor lawn for an intimate and beautiful solemnisation ceremony. 

The restaurants within the hotel are renowned dining destinations, so you can rest assured that the catered food will be great. 

Phone: +65 6337 1886

4. Vineyard @HortPark

Interior of Vineyard

This quiet little restaurant is located within the greenery of Singapore’s Southern Ridges. Vineyard boasts a delicious selection of food as well as a fantastic selection of wines. The restaurant has both an indoor and sheltered outdoor area where guests can enjoy the festivities and food. 

If you’re planning on having a rustic-themed wedding, this venue might just be the perfect place.

Phone: +65 6411 4999

5. Capella Singapore

Capella Singapore main ballroom decor

Capella Singapore is located on Sentosa Island and was voted the number one Best Hotel Brand in the World by Travel+ Leisure. The hotel strives to create a truly unforgettable wedding experience tailored to each couple, so it is no surprise that Capella has become one of the most popular wedding venues. 

Their dedicated wedding team will be able to assist you in picking the perfect ballroom within the hotel. 

Phone: +65 6377 8888


CHIJMES hall with wedding decor

CHIJMES Hall is another popular venue for weddings in Singapore. It further grew in popularity after being featured in the movie Crazy Rich Asians. The hall was built in 1901 and has amazing architectural details. The old chapel is now an iconic building in Singapore. 

The venue, with its stained-glass windows and sparkling chandeliers, is a perfect place for couples to have their wedding ceremonies. 

Phone: +65 6336 5320

7. Andaz Singapore

Andaz Singapore with wedding decor. Glass house

Andaz Singapore features two unique venues for different styles of wedding celebrations. Inspired by a glass box design, the Glasshouse is perfect for a large wedding that can hold up to 380 guests. The smaller Garden Studio offers an indoor pavilion with a connecting outdoor garden for a more intimate wedding. 

Phone: +65 6408 1234

8. Clifford Pier

Couple marching in at Clifford Pier

Clifford Pier is a popular wedding venue within the iconic Fullerton Bay Hotel. The historic venue was once a meeting point that saw countless arrivals into Singapore by ship. The venue boasts a capacity of up to 600 guests. 

Phone: +65 6333 8388

9. Alkaff Mansion

Alkaff Mansion wedding decor

Once belonging to the Alkaff family, the Alkaff mansion is a historic European-styled building with a vast outdoor space and beautiful indoor spaces. The interior of the building is decked out with elegant furnishings, and standing in the mansion can truly feel like stepping back in time. This magical place truly makes it a perfect wedding venue. 

Phone: +65 8126 8844


Wedding couple on rooftop at MONTI

Even if you’ve never been to MONTI, you’ve seen the building. It’s an eye-catching sphere that effortlessly floats on Fullerton Bay. The iconic venue boasts a waterfront view and also a view of the Marina Bay skyline. It has both an outdoor rooftop area and an indoor area. The indoor dining hall features glass-clad floor-to-ceiling windows that add to the elegance of the atmosphere. 

MONTI also has an acclaimed kitchen team dedicated to crafting memorable meals for your guests on your special day.

Phone: +65 9111 5529

11. Changi Cove

Changi Cove wedding decor

Changi Cove is a Hotel tucked away on the Eastern coast of Singapore. The hotel is covered in natural earthy tones, which is perfect as the building is surrounded by scenic foliage. The hotel features two venues suitable for weddings: the Auditorium and the Conservatory. The hotel also provides several different meal choices so you can pick the best option for your wedding. 

Phone: +65 6922 6122


PARKROYAL Marina Bay wedding set up

Park Royal Marina Bay is an upscale hotel with a stunning panoramic view of the Singapore city skyline. The hotel is located in the heart of Marina Bay and features two ballrooms equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. Whether you plan on having a grand affair or something more intimate, the hotel can provide the right setup for your wedding. 

Phone: +65 6845 1000

13. St. Regis

wedding couple marching in at caroline's mansion

St. Regis Singapore has a reputation for being a 6-star hotel. Situated along Orchard Road, the hotel boasts a rich 100-year heritage. The hotel has two ballrooms suitable for your special day; the first is in Caroline’s Mansion, and the other is the John Jacob Ballroom. Both feature high-end and luxurious decor that can elevate your wedding day. 

Phone: +65 6506 6856

14. One Farrer Hotel

one farrer hotel set up for a wedding

One Farrer is a 5-star hotel located in Singapore's vibrant Farrer Park district. It has several versatile spaces within the hotel that can host your intimate wedding, or you may also wish to have a large 400-person wedding in its Grand Ballroom. Regardless of the size of your wedding, One Farrer will be able to host it. 

Phone: +65 6363  0101 

15. Conrad Centennial

conrad centennial set up for a wedding

Conrad Centennial is a 5-star hotel in the Marina Bay Area of Singapore. The hotel faces the iconic Fountain of Wealth within Suntec City, and its convenient location has made it a popular destination for wedding couples over the years. Its Ballroom features a regal entrance with a grand marble staircase that leads to the ballroom. The Ballroom has a capacity of up to 400 guests, making it a perfect venue for a large wedding. 

Phone: +65 6334 8888

16. Empress

solemnisation ceremony at empress

Empress Restaurant, situated within the Asian Civilisations Museum, offers a riverside wedding venue that combines modern design with traditional Chinese elements. The restaurant provides indoor and outdoor event spaces, including a scenic terrace overlooking the Singapore River. Known for its exquisite Cantonese cuisine, Empress crafts customised menus using premium ingredients. The attentive events team ensures seamless planning and execution, making Empress Restaurant ideal for couples seeking an elegant and unique wedding experience.

Phone: +65 6776 0777

17. Fullerton Hotel

fullerton hotel main ballroom setup for a wedding

Situated by the Singapore River, the Fullerton Hotel is one of Singapore’s most iconic buildings. Its historic architecture and magnificent views make it the perfect setting for a wedding. Four venues within the hotel can fit your wedding — the Ballroom, Straits Room, Lighthouse, and Jade Restaurant. Each venue provides a unique atmosphere, making the Fullerton Hotel one of the most versatile hotels to hold your wedding reception. 

Phone: +65 6877 8968


parkroyal pickering with wedding decor

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering offers a stunning, eco-friendly setting for weddings. If you’ve walked around Singapore's CBD area, you would have noticed this building. The hotel features unique sky gardens and cascading vertical greenery, providing a natural yet sophisticated backdrop for your special day. Couples can choose from elegant ballrooms or intimate function rooms for their ceremonies and receptions. The hotel's experienced wedding specialists offer personalised service, guiding couples through every detail from start to finish. With its commitment to sustainability and elegant design, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering provides a truly memorable and picturesque wedding venue in the heart of Singapore.

Phone: +65 6809 8888

19. Open Farm Community

open farm community photoshoot with wedding couple

Here is another truly unique wedding venue. The Open Farm Community offers a rustic and charming wedding venue focused on farm-to-table dining and sustainability. Hidden in the Dempsey, this unique spot combines a garden atmosphere with modern culinary excellence. Couples can exchange vows outdoors or celebrate in cosy indoor spaces. The restaurant's chefs create menus using fresh, sustainably sourced ingredients, providing a memorable dining experience for guests. With its relaxed ambience and commitment to sustainability, Open Farm Community is a great choice for couples seeking an intimate and eco-friendly wedding venue in Singapore.

Phone: +65 6471 0306

20. 1-ATICO

solemnisation at 1-ATICO

1-ATICO is a rooftop wedding venue located on the 55th floor of ION Orchard. The space provides a sophisticated backdrop and a stunning view of the city. The venue features warm lighting and modern decor, making it a perfect venue for creating a romantic wedding. The culinary team is also renowned for crafting exceptional dishes and blending international flavours with local tastes. With such a stunning view, this venue is definitely a memorable choice for couples. 

Phone: +65 6970 2039

Final Thoughts

We’ve covered 20 different venues suitable for a variety of weddings, from outdoor farm-to-table styles to elegant indoor affairs. Regardless of your requirements, you can rest assured that Singapore has a venue that can suit your dream wedding. All it takes is some planning and research, and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect venue for your wedding.

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